Real Estate Online Reputation Management

The success of any real estate business depends on its online reputation. As people are becoming smart and internet friendly, they search for a business name before finalizing a deal. Positive reviews about a realtor can make him get new clients while negative links can hamper the business badly. Check out to know how online reputation matters for the real estate industry through this infographic.

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Dealing with negative reviews has become an order of the day for travel industry. The review sites like TripAdvisor and Yelp have real domination in Google search results, which adds to the risk of negative online reputation of hotels, cruises and similar businesses. The story doesn’t end at brand damage or negative fame but embraces traffic loss, lost consumer base & declining sales. Read further to learn more about the damages caused to travel businesses by negative reviews.

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A company or business has a number of assets. Machinery, land and human resource form the most basic assets of a company that helps it in offering products and services. In case of technology driven company, assets could be different. However, there is one asset that is of much greater value than the mentioned ones

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