Reputation – An Asset Worth Protecting

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A company or business has a number of assets. Machinery, land and human resource form the most basic assets of a company that helps it in offering products and services. In case of technology driven company, assets could be different. However, there is one asset that is of much greater value than the mentioned ones in today’s environment. And the asset, as mentioned in the tile, is reputation.

Reputation is what keeps a company afloat in the long run. Without reputation, building customer base and keeping them could turn out to be a behemoth task. In today’s competitive times, reputation threats can find its way through the boon we know as internet. Though a great resource, it can be used to flung mud on brands and companies. And the troubling fact is that this could happen to even the cleanest names in businesses.

Following are the reputation pests that can eat through your long standing reputation crop:

Mischief Makers

These are the people whose actions are not motivated by money. They do defaming just for the fun of confusion that follows. Hackers and trollers resort to means that eventually cost websites or brands dearly.

Unscrupulous Rivals

Competition is good but when a competitor gets too obsessed with market turf, he can resort to unscrupulous activities like web defamation to gain an edge in the market.

Misleading Reviews

There are number of complaint boards and review sites on web for consumers to cry their heart out and thump backs too. Sadly, lauding is not as prominent as complaining. Moreover, customers with inflated expectations write off a fair product as useless one and the same damages the prospects of a product or service.

Therefore, reputation is fragile and it is important to upkeep it with reputation management services.

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