Online Reputation Attacks That Proved Fatal To Other Brands- Save Yours

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A bad online reputation can engulf a brand, small or big. There can be a number of reasons behind bad reputation such as negative customer feedback or competitors’ attacks. But the worst case is when your bad reputation is the aftermath of your own acts.

Lessons are learnt better from examples than any sort of explanation. That’s why w3Police has prepared this list of online reputation threats that your business might face, illustrated with real-life examples. Continue with the slideshow to know about the bad online reputation beatings many big brands have borne in past to prevent yourself from facing them in future.

Impact of all the above discussed examples is same – long term drop in business and sales. That’s why most brands are putting a good amount of efforts in the management of negative online content about them. Whether you find yourself amid any of such situations or not, it is always mindful to stay prepared with adequate ORM implantations, so that the impact of these threats can be minimized in timely manner.

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