Online Presence of Your Offline Business

Marketers have been trumpeting about the need the online presence and its maintenance for a good while now. But many brick & mortar stores still seem to ignore the message. W3Police here points out some real-life cases to make owners of physical stores aware of the threats looming over their business because of their online absence, and the opportunities they can unlock by going online. Read on to explore.

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How to Google Image Search

You cannot escape seekers hunting for your name on Google search engine. It’s better to know in advance what results they are going to see. Following the definite steps to Google your reputation will unlock actual Google results for you. Read further to see how those results bear your name for different search results.

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Your social media presence has major role to play in online reputation building. Businesses overlooking this fact tend to commit few blunders unknowingly and never get to enjoy the benefits that their competitors relish. As a brand, you need to avoid these mistakes and follow a strategic approach to use social media for building great online reputation. Read about those blunders and apply the solution.

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Online Celebrity Reputation

Given the freedom of speech internet has given to people, celebrities have become prone to more online reputation attacks, more frequently. Celebrities, whose career primarily depends on public perception, certainly cannot afford to overlook it. Reputation experts at w3Police shares how bad online reputation can bring a celebrity’s career down, and how with effective celebrity online reputation management it can be prevented.

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Best Brand Monitoring Mobile Apps

w3Police researched all brand reputation monitoring mobile apps to find the best for you. We studied distinct features of various mobile apps and listed the top three on the basis of their reach, uniqueness and performance. Adopt the best app to track all band mention on the go and never miss a chance to develop right ORM strategy for your brand. In our study includes few more revelations, read ahead to learn about them.

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