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It is often said that Glitz and Glamor is easy to achieve but highly difficult to maintain. The internet era has made it easy for anyone to come into limelight, but the same viral nature of internet has proved to be a nightmare for celebrity online reputation management. The fact of the matter is that when you become a celebrity all eyes are on you with media as well as fan keeping a tab on your every small move.

Any news (good or bad), and everyone will pounce on you like hungry pack of hyenas. This is why it is essential to maintain a positive reputation both online as well as offline. Gone are those days, when a news about a celebrity would go unnoticed. Internet, with its global reach has ensured once something is written about you, it becomes difficult to take it down.

Online Celebrity Reputation

This is the reason why celebrity online reputation management has become one of the key areas where most of the celebrities look into. The life of a celebrity is driven by their perception among the masses. Every action as well as reaction is examined and commented by fans and critics. This makes it utterly easy to destroy your reputation in seconds.

Due to the reach of internet, the need for online reputation management has increased multifold. The fact of the matter is that most of the celebrities are aloof on the scope of online reputation. This is the reason why a lot of queries has been arising from their end based on the affect, cause, and result of bad reputation.

Let’s discuss how a bad online reputation can become an arch nemesis of a celebrity.

I am a celebrity, how can I get affected?

This is one of the key queries that arise, whenever you talk about celebrity reputation management. Many people underestimate the scale of effect a tarnished reputation can have on a celebrity. While others are aloof of the simple ways in which their reputation can go down the drain. These include:

  • Personal photos posted online without any permission
  • Unflattering information / comments about your professional work
  • Incriminating information being leaked
  • False rumors/gossips about personal life/character
  • Embarrassing or humiliating picture, video or story.

Most of the celebrities face these issues on a daily basis, which is why it is always recommended to stay prepared.

I have encountered similar scenarios, what’s the worst that can happen?

Now that we have taken cognizance of the fact that celebrities faces various reputation related issues on a daily basis, the next thing that comes to the mind is the worst case scenario. A common term that is thrown out there is what the worst that could happen.

  • Risk of losing endorsement deals and contracts
  • Evil perception among the fans
  • Lose credibility
  • Threat to livelihood
  • Ruined career

There is no denying the fact that most of the celebrities earn their lively hood based on the perception of the fans. Offline as well as online celebrity image management is the key to big brand endorsements. If you have a bad reputation among the public, then no-one would want to get associated with you. This is why it is said that celebrities only shine till the time a positive light is thrown at them.

I think I have a bad online reputation. How do I recover from it?

When it comes to celebrities, the focus needs to be put equally on offline as well as online reputation. One of the best ways for celebrities to attain positive reputation is to focus on things that have helped them become a celebrity. Maintain a positive brand image with proactive approach by doing the following:

  • Charity/volunteer work
  • Avoid compromising situations
  • Excel at what you do
  • Win awards or competitions
  • Focus on Public relations

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Offline reputation seems to be an easy task, but when it comes to online reputation, it is a whole new game. There are times when celebrities don’t have time to manage their own online reputation. This is where professional reputation experts come into existence. w3Police has been one of the pioneers in this field which specialize in celebrity reputation management. Our effective social media control, image rebuilding plan, targeted content planning and confidential consultation makes us a leader when it comes to ORM.

Role of w3Police in handling Celebrity brand management

Ever since its inception, w3Police has laid great emphasis on delivering robust ORM services to celebrities. We have handled various cases where reputation of celebrities have been affected greatly. Before any such content can quickly go viral, w3Police focuses on neutralizing them before they become irrepressible. Our core competency also includes:

  • Specialization to handle and manage reputation for celebrities
  • Work to restore any damage done by any means to your reputation
  • Maintaining good will among people and portraying accurate image
  • Preserving brand image / brand identity
  • Keeping track of your online mentions
  • Increasing popularity and bringing success
  • Extending and monetizing your highly visible career.
  • Boosting your public appeal

Your reputation is as valuable to us as it is for you. Let w3police step into your life and keep you safe. Our structured approach and turnkey celebrity internet reputation management strategies have helped many celebrities to come out of bad reputation without much damage. Discuss your queries with our Celebrity Online Reputation Management experts, before the situation escalades.

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