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Protect your celebrity status from paparazzi and internet trolls

Push Down Mugshots, Videos, & Negative

w3Police handles online brand management of celebrities and keeps their public image intact in the virtual world. We offer internet reputation management services to singers, dancers, politicians, movie stars & popular faces to help them recover from negative publicity, and protect their careers.

Don't become a victim of online spoofs & scandals

Celebrity's reputation is more fragile as celeb status comes at a price of continuous scrutiny. Monitoring user comments & mentions on social media sites, discussion communities, news blogs and fan pages is must if you are a public figure. That's why we evolved dedicated reputation management plan for celebrities and public personalities.

Remove Bad Web Presence to Keep Your Clean Public Image
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Reputation Management Solutions for Celebrities

We have years of experience in image rebuilding & celebrity disaster management. Whether people are talking on discussion groups or your own personal profiles, we keep a close watch on online interactions and social media activities related to your name.

Mug-Shots Removal

Make mugshots disappear from top Google search results by optimizing positive content and resources. Our team monitors all musghsots publishing sites and guarantees dependable solution to fix mugshots online.

Don't Fall a Prey to Mugshot Extortion
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Morphed Pictures

You need not bother if a trickster has crossed the line by sharing offensive content in forums, networks or communities. Get the morphed, indecent, fake pictures fixed by online reputation experts.

Tampered Content

As celebrity reputation management firm, we have handled many cases of leaked & fabricated videos, and altered comments shared as social updates. Because such content can quickly go viral, w3Police focuses on neutralizing them before they become irrepressible.

"Make certain that propagated media on web doesn't
embarrass or make you suffer emotional loss"

Our Proven Celebrity
Reputation Repair Approach

w3Police not only helps recover from bad reputation but also ensures celebrity brand protection. Our team designs custom ORM strategy to push down negative search results of our celebrity clients after studying user reactions and social activity surrounding it. In addition to that, we also take care of following points in our ORM plan:

  • Effective social media control
  • Reputation damage repair
  • Image rebuilding plan
  • Targeted content planning
  • Increased web presence

Our reputation management staff helps models, actors, and sportsmen protect their brand image with ORM approach based on search behavior. We consistently monitor platforms that generate defaming tweets, slamming replies, anti-trends and control them before they turn into negative reputation.

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