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Companies active in the business of Oil & Gas, Construction, Mining, and Heavy Industry play crucial role in nation building but often suffer media backlash due to issues beyond their control. Environmentalists, activists, and social media also pose great threat to the reputation of oil gas, and mining companies.

w3Police helps big corporations and leading multinationals curb bad online coverage and damaging social presence on top search results by using modern reputation management strategies. In the last 5 years, our team of reputation managers has helped oil & gas, mining, construction, and engineering companies recover from scandalous business results on top Google result pages.

Firm reputation management

Proven ORM strategies for Oil, Gas, & Mining Firms

NGOs citing environmental concerns, negative sentiment for extraction industry, and continuous media scrutiny were always a challenge for Oil, Gas and Mining companies. Even with powerful PR machineries, they are failing to address the reputation challenges posed by internet. This is a problem that w3Police aims to address.

Our team is composed of experienced reputation managers, search behavior analysts, and SEO experts that have spent years studying how top search engines work, and furnish results. Our Industry insights and tested techniques make us better equipped for online reputation damage recovery.

Our proven ORM strategies are part of following 3 work processes:

  • Internet Reputation repair

    Reputation repair

    Whether brand image of your company has been tarnished by online criticism by non profits or found an enemy in mining industry rivals, we will create a reputation management plan that will fix negative reviews, feedback and coverage in top search results.

  • OnlineReputation building

    Reputation building

    Reputation repair on internet is not possible without reputation building. Our team of experienced reputation experts will create authority business assets, social profiles, and content resources that will push down negative links from top search results.

  • OnlineReputation monitoring

    Reputation monitoring

    w3Police not only fixes present reputation challenges but also sets up machinery to check future threats. By manually monitoring brand presence and using reputation management tools, we avoid future reputation damage to your Oil & Gas firm.

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Internet Reputation Recovery, Guaranteed

Companies dealing in precious metals, construction & mining, chemicals, oil & gas, engineering, and related products are not the only ones that suffer the wrath of internet. Reputation attacks have ruined careers of managers, CEOs, and company officials as well. We have also helped public personalities and company associates polish their online reputation.

We are favored across the world by established Oil, Gas, and mining companies for online reputation management services because we promise:

Internet Reputation Recovery
  • Guaranteed ORM Results

    From defaming blog posts to negative comments on social media sites, our team of reputation specialists guarantee recovery from everything.

  • Scientific Strategy

    We have proven reputation management strategy for oil & gas, engineering, and heavy industry firms. Results will be visible within few months.

  • Client Confidentiality

    w3Police understands the need of confidentiality in reputation cases, and thus is ready to sign agreements to keep every detail private.

Clients check company reputation online before entering major partnerships and deals. So, bad online reputation is not something that can be swept under the carpet. Join hands with w3Police and take action today!

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