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Why Reputation Repair Services Are Necessary?
It takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you can lose it in a minute.- Will Rogers

Whether online or offline, it takes lots of resources, efforts and extensive planning to build your business reputation. And it is always an ongoing process, rather than a one-time task, especially when it comes to the online world.

Anywhere on the internet you can find stats like about 80 to 90% of your targeted audience make use of different online resources to know about you and buy products. The bottom line is, even a single negative review can drive away thousands of potential customers from your products and services. Thus, keeping track of online mentions in real-time has become a basic need of every business & public figure.

Why Hire a Firm For Monitoring Online Reputation?

Handling internet reputation protection single-handedly is almost impossible due to the vastness of the web. Here is why taking assistance of online reputation protection specialists is recommended in this context:

Track the Deep Web

Using Google and Bing Alerts is a common practice for reputation monitoring. But even these comprehensive tools have limitations, since there are regions on the web that are not indexed by search engines. These unindexed regions, or 'Deep Web' as they are called, share a lot more portion of the web than the part that can be crawled by internet bots. Some examples include:

  • Conversations on social media posts
  • A number of online review sites
  • Data that can only be accessed by search interfaces
  • Pages that are not linked by other pages (orphan pages), & more.

Track and Fix

Tracking issues isn't the only part involved in monitoring online reputation, detected issues must also be fixed effectively. And a professional ORM team like w3Police can be of great help with the fixing part. Here are a couple of scenarios:

  • Taking care of the fraud negative links by approaching site owners where links are posted
  • Filing complaint against fraud sites with similar name as yours to hosting companies.

There could be many more situations where you find yourself clueless, but a professional team can address the issue rather quickly and effectively.

Monitor Fixed Issues

Fixing an issue doesn't complete the job. In fact, most cases of reputation threats include the re-emergence of previously fixed issues. It could happen due to several reasons:

  • Because of the high domain authority of the concerned site
  • Updates in the content of previously fixed issues, or
  • Simply because Google's algorithm favors negative reviews

First, as a brand you cannot spare time and efforts to monitor online reputation from your end. Second, without the knowhow of different tracking and fixing techniques, you cannot handle it effectively. That is why, hiring ORM professionals is the most mindful solution for reputation monitoring.

How Do We Help?

w3Police provides value added ORM services by monitoring and protecting online reputation proactively. Our mostly preventive approach, in contrast to usual corrective approach, makes us fix the issues in timely manner.

Once fixed issues can re-emerge, which is why w3Police has a post-fix monitoring mechanism. Additionally while addressing issues, we work in collaboration with clients. This in turn enables us to fix issues in the most effective manner, as well as to keep clients well-informed.

Here is a quick highlight of the processes included in our reputation monitoring services:
  • Using a mix & match of tracking tools and manual efforts to cover the entire web
  • Tracking your brand's mentions in social media conversations on regular basis
  • Monitoring and managing reviews on local directories
  • Analyzing you brands' mentions on discussion, forums, blogs and handling them effectively
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